One Wingate Way – Construction Update and Q&A with David Feldman

OCTOBER 1, 2016

Today we have a Q&A Construction Update with David Feldman, Wingate Healthcare’s Vice President of Real Estate

Q: What’s the status of construction?
A: We are currently at 58% completion, on track for our opening date of March 2017!

Q: What’s the current focus of the construction?
A: There is a lot of activity happening simultaneously. Recently, the building was weatherized from the third floor down to first floor. Siding continues to be installed, and we’re also seeing the addition of lower roof details. Early-stage plumbing, electrical and mechanical installation is underway throughout the building as well. The grounds are about to start coming together as we will be seeing hardscapes, landscaping and paving going in beginning in the next few weeks.

Q: What’s your favorite feature of the building?
A: The connection from the first floor to AQUA at Wingate which is located on the lower level of the building is pretty spectacular. One Wingate Way is designed around an active, engaged lifestyle so integrating AQUA as both style and functional elements of the design was critical.

Q: What is the most unique feature about the layout of this building?
A: We have made a concerted effort to define common living and amenity spaces with as few walls as possible. We have accomplished this with feature walls, columns, ceiling details and pocket doors. Living space abounds will being approachable and comfortable.

Q: Can you share some insight into the interactivity of the design of this building?
A: An important feature of the design of One Wingate Way is bringing the outside in to the building to create an ambience that is warm and inviting and captures the natural light. We use full-height store front windows throughout the amenity spaces and multiple oversized windows in the apartments. We have also created sight lines so that the natural light is able to saturate all areas of the interior of the building. A perfect example of this is the connection of AQUA at Wingate in the basement to the fitness center on the first floor. The aquatic center has 2 story ceiling height with storefront windows at the first floor level. The fitness area has windows that not only look over into the aquatic center but allows the natural light to come in from the full height store front glass.

Stay tuned next month for an update on the building and insight into the features that make One Wingate Way a truly unique senior living experience.

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