Wingate Healthcare is pleased to announce the promotion of Maureen Brinn to Chief Compliance Officer

Needham, MA – Maureen Brinn was appointed Chief Compliance Officer this past October, but has been a member of the Wingate community for over a decade. She joined Wingate Healthcare in 2011 as a Corporate Paralegal, with a focus on both corporate and regulatory compliance and governance matters. Her legal background includes extensive experience in the practice and procedures of corporate law and governance, contract management, healthcare, mergers and acquisitions, commercial and residential real estate financing, and corporate and regulatory compliance. About halfway through her time with Wingate, Brinn began working very closely alongside its previous Chief Compliance Officer and leadership team to update the existing compliance program, expanding the education and training and to increase awareness.

As Chief Compliance Officer, Brinn is responsible for ensuring that Wingate conducts its business with the highest level of integrity and in full compliance with the laws and regulations that govern the healthcare industry.

In this new role, Brinn is very optimistic about creating and fostering a strong culture of ethics and compliance within Wingate. “At the end of the day, the single most important goal is to provide quality care to all of our residents and compliance plays a big part of that,” Brinn states. “Having a successful Corporate Compliance Program, and helping to ensure that all employees maintain Wingate’s standards of honesty, integrity and professional excellence, will help us to protect our residents, improve our level of care, and mitigate risk for the company.”

“The regulatory landscape today is constantly changing, especially post-pandemic. It is now more important than ever for Compliance Officers to adapt and strengthen their compliance programs in this new environment.”

Brinn would like everyone reading this article to take away the following:

  • Compliance is not a one person or one department job or process. The entire company needs to be engaged in the compliance program and understand that in order for the program to be truly successful, we need all of you to do your part.
  • If you think at any time that our company values or compliance with the law may be in question, or have general questions, please reach out to her with your concerns.
  • To report a Compliance Issue or if you have any questions about Wingate’s Code of Conduct: contact your immediate supervisor or Maureen Brinn:
    • Maureen Brinn, Chief Compliance Officer 781-707-9085 or
    • Call Wingate Compliance Hotline 877-860- 7355, if you would like to report anonymously.