10 Tips for Positive Aging

“The process of maintaining a positive attitude, feeling good about yourself, keeping fit and healthy, and engaging fully in life as you age,” as published in the Positive Psychology Institute, is what positive aging is all about.

Aging is a journey inevitable for everyone.

However, a positive outlook on the aging process focuses your mindset on happiness and satisfaction despite the negative challenges society places on growing old. Positive aging is holistic, meaning your physical, mental and spiritual wellness plays a crucial part in aging well.

Yes, your physical appearance might change. A wrinkle here, a pain there, and unexplainable sensations, but your mental health affects your physical health. “What you think you become” goes an old saying. Positive emotions trigger happy senses, which can slow down the aging process. Older people are often viewed as an extra burden in the society which negatively affects their mental health.

Positive words for aging from both the individual and the meaningful relationships in our lives create the positive aspects of aging immensely. With some strategies, older adults can enjoy life and everything it has to offer.

We dug deep for ten plans that culminate in healthy aging with a positive attitude.

What You Think You Become

Your thoughts are active and alive in every stage of aging. Regardless of age, your thinking directly affects your quality of life. It’s easier said than done, but monitoring what goes through your mind is step one to aging gracefully. Intentionally and mindfully, focus on the right things happening in your life.

Whenever you find yourself feeling guilty, you are living in the past. If feeling worried or anxious, you are living in the future. But if you live in the now, your thoughts are centered, creating peace within you.

A positive mindset is accepting what you can and cannot change. Besides, a positive attitude in your thoughts reduces your risk of dementia. Dwell on thoughts that leave you feeling energized and ready for the next great thing.

Breathe in and out, feel every breath, and let go of what doesn’t build you.

Aging in Gratitude

Gratitude is the highest vibration. And in this state, positive thoughts quickly trickle in. Older people living a life of appreciation are never regretful, rigid or worried. Why? Giving thanks allows you to focus on the good in your life. Gratitude is acknowledging the right in you, around you and in others.

For example, someone getting your special pills for you, making dinner or only taking you for a walk are some positive things to be grateful for. Be glad of the items in your life without wandering in what should have and could have been. With gratitude in you, your mental health is positively impacted, consequently transferring into your physical. It all starts in your mind. A simple practice might be writing down 3-5 things you are grateful for. Your health and family might always top the list, which is a good thing as they are your constant in positive aging, as you will read on.

A love letter handwritten and hand-delivered to a loved one brings back happy memories, reminding you of your life’s good times – a sure way to be thankful for the far you’ve come.

Give yourself a pat on the back for all obstacles maneuvered and keep the positive lessons learned.

Your Words Make or Break Your Goal for Positive Aging

While choosing to have positive thoughts and a grateful attitude will work for any age, your words have immense power as you get older. What you say manifests whether now or in later life. Positive words build your mental, physical and spiritual health

The relationships around you are profoundly affected by your words. Instead of giving the negatives time by talking and complaining, shift that energy into speaking life and encouraging others.

Older adults enjoy the privilege of knowing it all. Why? Your long healthy life earns you the stripes to guide and correct. Besides speaking positive things about aging, change your mind set on your overall outlook of life. For example, focusing on the solution to a problem is positive thinking.

Ask questions “What can I do about this?”, “How do I respond to that?” It opens your mind to possibilities, unlike focusing on the issues that trigger negative feelings, which are heard in your words. Positive affirmations every day attract the good into your life. Your email address is a link to receiving a daily positive phrase from many of the holistic health gurus out there in the internet age.

Aging in Your Purpose

Old age means experience in life. As you age, you are in a better position to pick what serves you and serves others. A purposeful life motivates you beyond retiring, as your job does not determine it. Once your job ends and your kids have moved into adulthood, you feel the social gap created. However, a positive outlook on your retirement means more time in your hands to engage in meaningful activities and positively affect you.

Don’t allow a lot of time to lapse after retiring. Why? while leisure time is excellent for recharging, reliving your achievements, and setting goals for later life. However too much idleness might lead to a lack of motivation, eventually turning you into a potato couch. Or spending your day on the patio staring at nothing, Instead, volunteer in your local community.

Share your positive experiences, skills, and knowledge with the younger generation. This way, you impact generations to come.

Plug Into Other People’s Lives

Unfortunately, older adults find themselves isolated; for example, you might find yourself at a center for the aging. However, this doesn’t render you unproductive. No, on the contrary, get into helping others both at the center and beyond.

Studies indicate older adults increase their life span when they contribute more. With fewer goals to set in old age and maybe physical challenges, an attitude of altruism regarding the wellness of others increases positive emotions and happiness. Look for opportunities to help, no matter how small it may seem.

Positive thoughts and kind words from other people leave a glow on your face. Imagine doing this daily!

Discover and Learn New Things as You Get Older

Old age doesn’t mean you know everything. You might be surprised at how much you might be missing for lack of knowledge. For example, how many assume they can dance, but how two left feet appear on the dance floor remains a mystery. Register for a dancing class, cooking or whatever makes you tick.

Besides, learning keeps your mind engaged while you create new relationships. Additionally, your health is affected positively, as well. Go on and learn a new language. Heck, make YouTube videos while you’re at it. Don’t let age stop you.

Learn a new exercise and add it to your regular fitness routine at home.

Engage the Younger Generation

While the old and young might disagree on many levels, the generational difference serves them both. You might not have the physical energy to keep up with them as you get older, but your success stories and failure broaden their thinking, turning them into better adults as they age.
Spend time with your grandchildren as often as you can. Many older adults claim this practice keeps them young. What an easy way for healthy aging! Additionally, your wise counsel helps them know what they need for positive aging as well.

Play games, for example, soccer with the young ones to keep your heart active and pumping.

Cultivate Your Social Network for Positive Aging

Among the many reasons positive aging might seem glim is loneliness, isolation, and stress. Your mental health is affected when you settle for a life of solitude. It might seem like a good time to keep away from social events, but the opposite is true.
A Harvard University study indicates social connection protects your brain from early signs of dementia. Engaging others make you realize how to keep your health in check, which promotes healthy aging.

An active community involvement online or offline makes for good positive aging.

The Power to Make Choices

As you age, you have your rights reserved for picking what you want. With this privilege, you focus your time and money on the things in which you excel. The ability to pick makes you in charge of decisions, promoting positive aging.

Drop what brings you struggles as you get older. Society might impose an age limit for you but defy the odds and go bungee jumping with your doctor’s clearance.

Excitement is crucial for positive aging, but too much might cause you harm.

Live a Lasting Legacy

When it is all said and done, how you make people feel and impact their lives counts greatly. How well you treat and guide them regardless of age contributes to your and their positive aging. Older kids might not agree with your concepts, but the results affect them.
Aging is not about numbers, but what you leave along the way for others.

Final Thoughts

Research on positive aging offers excellent advice on what to do for seniors’ successful and long life. However, the bottom line is your attitude. Aging doesn’t have to feel cold and suffocating. Choose and make it your mission to positive aging for you and those around you.
Implementing these ten healthy aging tips doesn’t have to be overwhelming for you. Start by adding one or two of them as your mind, body and soul adjust.

Aging allows you to realize your mission and vision. It’s like having a front-row ticket into your intentions. Positive aging gives you and those around you a better plan because every decision is conscious and purposeful.

The relationships you build and nurture, the words you speak and your care and compassion for others are excellent contributors to an extended positive aging plan.

Please make the world around you better and healthy as you age into fine wine to be remembered by many.

Life is a journey. So, make the best out of it and enjoy the ride!